Priscilla is my little Maltese.  She is adorable to say the least  You would not know by looking at this photograph that Priscilla is blind.  Prissy went blind over approximately 4 days in April this year (2015).  Prissy has SARDS, Suddenly Acquired Retinal Disintegration Syndrome.  Even though the eye specialist said she has no vision, we beg to differ.  Prissy gets around the house and garden during the day but by night, she is a different dog.  She slowly steps around the house, touching her button nose on the ground every two steps just to make constantly sure she is not going to bump into anything and hurt herself.  Priscilla has much more confidence during the day.  This leads us to believe that Priscilla still is able to discern light.

Hope is on the way from America as I write this piece today.  I ordered a Muffin’s Halo for Prissy and will post some photographs when the device has arrived.  I am hoping that this creation will revolutionise Priscilla’s life now that she is living with blindness.

For dog lovers out there who have a dog that has gone blind, please do not consider having the vet kill your dog.  I make no excuse for using this word as I do not appreciate softer “politically correct” words like “put to sleep”. With care and attention and a lot of confidence building little exercises, your dog can have quality of life with blindness.  We must remember to stop applying human concepts to our four legged friends.  Priscilla cannot intellectualise her blindness like a human.  Priscilla cannot read or watch television.  What Priscilla has responded to is care and love and little trips into the garden and bottom paddock where every day I tell her about “mousie”.  This little word encourages Priscilla to run towards me without fear of falling or crashing into anything. Of course, the closer Priscilla gets to my legs, the more I continue the running commentary.  In a very short space of time, Prissy has learned to gauge the proximity of my voice so she now stops about 30 centimetres in front of me whereupon she receives compliments and pats galore.  Little exercises like this are slowly restoring Prissy’s confidence.  We shall see what Muffin’s Halo does for Priscilla and I will post photographs when it arrives in the mail, is put together and we dress Priscilla with the device …..


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