I have increasingly noticed that my beading activities swing like a pendulum these days.  My activities are all highly enjoyable as I rummage through my vast bead stash and come up with different ways of combining and creating pieces.  I probably gain as much pleasure in rummaging through my pastel sticks when creating a painting as I do with my beads boxes.  Today, I think I am having what I have come to term a, “chunky bead” day and this is the result.  I purchased this lovely hand made Ghanaian crescent brass breast plate some time ago and stashed it away in the knowledge that one day, I would find a good use for it.


That is the perennial problem for arty folks.  We tend to stash away inspirational bits and pieces that we come across in life.  Whilst people may say they have a “light bulb” moment when a flash of the possible is revealed to their thought processes, I tend to have what I now call a “bead moment”.  As in the perfect alignment of the celestials, the beads I have rolling around on my work table or in a small compilation in my hand suddenly reveal their exciting possibilities through the successful alignment of colour, form and texture.

Whilst I do sometimes wish the “bead moment” would turn up every day, to wish for this in my opinion, would lead to me not appreciating the spark of creativity for what it is; a very special moment in time to be savoured with respect like a rare vintage wine.


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER “BEAD MOMENT” DAY…

    1. Yes, Priscilla is the joy of my life and she is chunky because of her SARDS condition. Still, what’s a little plumpness between friends?


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