My life so far ….. Adopted by some nice people who adore their animals.  Jon and jane drove all the way from Port Elliot in South Australia to Cullulleraine on the River Murray on the Victorian side of the Victorian/New South Wales border and back in a day to pick me up and bring me home to Ralph and Priscilla who accepted me on the spot.

Came home to a house where the other dogs accept you and will play with you all the time.

Teddy's bath

Put up with the occasional bath and worse still, a clip down at the ever so patient groomer’s.  Eat, romp play and sleep and grow at an alarming rate.  Play with Priscilla and Harry the black cat and generally be supervised by old Ralph.

Develop an early passion for Dentabone.  Steal Priscilla’s Dentabone when she is not looking and have two poking out of my cavernous mouth, the interior of which puts the massive Jenolan Caves system into the shade. My greed prompted jane to create a new name – Teddy “Teddlybops” Hoover – after the vacuum cleaner!


Waiting to sell “hello” and “welcome” to a new kitten that was found in the long grass the roadside verge, piteously meowing when it spied Jon.  Old Ralph was always a sucker for welcoming any new addition to the furry department and even little Priscilla pushed in that day to lick Smokey’s ears out.

Halcyon days with forays down to Fisherman’s Bay just down the road. Happy days romping through the shallows in sunny South Australia.

Suddenly developing responsibilities by looking after Priscilla after she went blind with SARDS (Suddenly Acquired Retinal Disintegration Syndrome).  I have a bell on my collar now just in case Priscilla needs to know where I am.  However, I am always with Priscilla to give her companionship.


Fussing over and generally looking after dear old Ralph in his last days.  Please do not tell me dogs are unaware of impending death in the pack.  We are not stupid creatures.  We know a lot in reality.

Catching a few winter rays with Jon.  Note that my “Blue Ted” is never far away …..

“Blue Ted” and “Little Ted” – 100% property of Teddy.  If you lick either of these toys, then in a doggie world, that implies “keep away”. I am always worried that Harry the cat might steal my toys.

Saying hello to that poor cat that lives in a shed down the lane from the back of our place.  That cat has since been rescued.


More play for me.  Even though Priscilla is blind, we still have a play on the back lawn.

Putting up with coats.  Honestly, I know these folks mean well so I will have to get used to these coats in the cold weather.

Visiting with Bertie when she is allowed into the back garden to have a feed.  I do like Bertie and she likes me a lot.  I sometimes sit down a while with Bertie underneath the big old carob tree and visit a while.


Relaxing on the sofa after a busy day in the garden. We recently moved back to Victoria from South Australia.  All is well with the world because the wood fire is burning away, we’ve all had a nice dinner and I have Blue Ted with me.


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