I have come to a major self analysis revelation this year with regards to the centrality of colour, form and texture in my life.  I have emerged at the end of this month, wondering where my days have gone and  I am genuinely surprised that today is 28th September.  Where has the month gone?  I look at the vegetable garden and I notice that the potatoes I planted are now up and actually plants.  How did this happen?  Where have I been?   In a total creative haze; that is increasingly my reality.  I look down on my beading table and there are several new creations that were only suggestions of colour, form and texture at the start of September and now my thoughts have been manifested into actual objects that I can touch.

I wonder about other artistic folks around the world and if they also disappear into a cloud of creativity at times, only to emerge after the event to wonder where the passage of time has gone?  Do other bead embroidery artists experience a similar creative haze where external reality fades into the background?  I wonder …..



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