My lifelong obsession with anything blue or turquoise continues.  When I was very small and too young to go to school, I used to accompany my mother as we took the bus into Geelong in order to go shopping.  We always went to see what was termed back then, “red Coles”.  The old style variety store that had rows of sloping counters full of all sorts of very interesting things that little children could not bypass.  In between the rows of counters, patient ladies would serve customers.  Anything blue did not escape my keen sense of colour appreciation.  My obsession with blue would stop me and I just had to pick up the item and run my hand over it, all the while stopping and marvelling at the colour blue or turquoise.  I could not get enough of this colour.  Nothing was sacred.  My colour appreciation was always accompanied by a very gentle tap from my mother’s disapproving hand for me to “let go” of the item of admiration.

I think our colour prejudices and preferences stay with us for our entire lives if we are not careful.  I also remember a harder, stinging slap on the back of my legs when one planned shopping day in Geelong was delayed as I hid behind my bedroom door hoping my mother would go shopping and forget about me entirely and leave me at home to suffer in silence.  The problem?  My mother had put on some green tights as part of my clothing for the day.  As much as I adored the colour blue and could not get enough of it, the colour green was a complete anathema to me.  I was horrified as mum put on my tights. Revulsion.  Disgust.  Shock.  That green slug slowly ascended my legs and settled into place underneath my skirt for the day.  Shoes on and the imprisonment of my legs in green was complete.  I was a complete captive.  I just could not cope with this assault on my finely tuned colour sensitivities as a pre schooler.

My husband has always joked for years that I would buy anything suitable for the household decor, as long as the colour was not green.  Of course, this colour sensitivity has been modified and I now am starting to appreciate the emotional serenity of the colour green.  Not lurid green mind you.  Only the quieter sage green tones which I find emotionally relaxing in the midst of an extremely busy life surrounded by art and bead embroidery.  Finally, my emotional prejudices are starting to be modified so my bead embroidery takes many journeys these days to incorporate my newly found acceptance of colour in all its forms.

2 thoughts on “A BLUE LIFE MODIFIED

    1. Hello Sanda, Thank you very much for your comments. I am happy you appreciate my childhood story. I am writing more of these little stories these days as I have come to realise that our childhood experiences are with us for the entirety of our lives. Keep up your beautiful bead embroidery Sanda! jane 🙂

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