Last night I launched my new website for my bead embroidery and other designs I have enjoyed designing and creating.  I already sell online and in an exclusive art gallery but decided that an independent website  (www.janebaridesign.com) is the way to go in order to have more administrative control over my products and the way they are presented.   As a result of the new website, I have just emerged from a design frenzy.  The past two weeks have gone down the hole of creativity. Earrings are the latest enjoyment in my design work. Here are some new designs I have come up with.   I just know I am not “over” designing earrings because I have a few more ideas to tinker with.

I don’t know what it is about designing and creativity.  When the two combine, I am on a roll in terms of coming up with fresh ideas that inspire me.  That is the beauty and the agony of the design process for me and I suspect other beaders the world over will understand the relationship between the two.  New ideas that feed into inspiration and the end result is a clutch of creations that I enjoy looking at because I am and have always been a real sucker for colour, form and texture.

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