It’s getting to be that cold time of the year here in country Victoria with very cold nights, followed by some sunny days that melt off the frost and fog.  We are waiting for the autumn rains to arrive.  A pot of lovely home made soup sustains the soul.  So do my substantial chutney scones because both are a marriage made in taste bud heaven.  Good foods are the foundation of a happy household.  I feel sorry for younger people who do not know how to cook.  We call home baking and general cooking “whole foods” in our house because they sustain the stomach and the soul.  We tend to call commercial foods “hole foods” instead as they just fill the hole in the stomach but do not provide that satisfying link we associate with the time and care that goes into the preparation and consumption of home cooking and baking.  Commercially prepared foods serve a purpose but not in our household at all.  I recently went grocery shopping with my husband and was genuinely shocked at the atrocious prices “home” made scones are fetching.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price for four miserably thin plain small scones was over $3.00.  Are these people mad?  I thought.  Not at all. We pay for our ignorance in every regard in this life and cooking is a prime contender in my considered estimation.  I came home with a carton of buttermilk and set to the task on hand to quickly produce one dozen decent sized scones full of flavour and emotional satisfaction.

I made up a batch of scone dough with Parmesan cheese and added herbs from the vegetable garden.


Where does one start the selection process for chutney scones?  We decided on green tomato chutney for this batch of scone dough.  I have since added to my preserving stash and it is double what is on show here.

Rolling up the dough is a bit tricky but I use a pastry scraper to make the job easier.

I popped the rolled up scones into large muffin trays this time round just for something different, aesthetically speaking.

The scones baked nicely and are best enjoyed hot from the oven. However, I have a fondness for these lovelies the next day when the flavours of the green tomato chutney and tasty cheese filling have coalesced into a gustatory maturity.  A truly delicious creation to go with a bowl of steaming hot, thick soup that is chock a block full of vegetables and other assorted goodies.

Of course, Teddy turns up at the right time when the scones come out of the oven.  Teddy is a connoisseur of home cooking.  That Shih Tzu nose can pick up the scent of anything in the oven from anywhere in the house.


  1. Hi Jane!

    You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be making these tomorrow!!!

    Thank you xoxoxox

    Speak soon xox

    Lil xoxox

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    1. Hi Lil
      You will love these. Use some of the chutney I gave you. I made a second batch with the roasted red capsicum and caramelised onion relish and they were delicious!
      chat soon. “j”


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