I don’t know what it is about art and artists around the world.  I mix exclusively with artists and I can assure you all of us have our predilections in what we create.  I have a “split personality” artistically speaking as I am both an acrylic and pastel painter and bead embroiderer.  Lately since our move back to our home state, my bead embroidery has taken hold; purely for practical purposes.  Our move back to civilisation entailed the loss of a good working studio.  I am bereft in this regard as there is nowhere to set up my dusty pastels and paint for the next year or so.  The paintings will have to wait; though my easel is already set up on the back verandah, waiting for the Oriental Poppy painting which is rattling around in my head.

The lingering concept of the leisurely artist painting and creating is a far cry from the intensive reality of seizing the inspirational moment and working very long hours.  I now work in one of the spare bedrooms in our house.  The entire room is devoted to beading and bead embroidery.  Big shelving units and boxes everywhere.  A long desk cluttered with beading supplies, swatches and tools.  Intensive hours melt away as colours and textures are matched up according to my colour sensibilities.  Beads, cabochons and rivolis vie for my attention during our long summer daylight hours.  Everything is negotiable as it is in life.  Design is such an intensive and relentless process and cannot be stopped until all the concepts are translated into brooches. Creativity must be snapped up before it disappears.  My desk faces the road and big front garden as we live on a generous one acre.  Whilst I embroider, I enjoy seeing birds visit the garden and fly past.  I am always photographing birds in the front garden.  The birds are the only “interruption” to my work regime.

Moths, butterflies and spiders are my latest artistic interpretation.  This is my second batch of designs.  Whilst I have worked long hours in the past fortnight to produce a new batch of these beauties, it is with a bittersweet twist in reality.  All of these creations will end up being handed to Town and Country Gallery where the lovely owner sells my works to an appreciative audience.

I will enjoy my designs until Friday when they leave.  I always take solace in the reality that the person who purchases my brooches appreciates them just as much as I have in creating them.

In this day and age of mass production, celebrate the artist in your life and thank them for their persistent attention to the tiny but big matters in life.

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